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Xαιρόμαστε πολύ οταν οι προσπάθειες μας εκτιμώνται από τους πελάτες μας και αναγνωρίζονται και από άλλους πέρα απο τις μαμάδες μας.

Ειμαστε περήφανοι για κάθε ένα από τα βότανα που καλλιεργούμε. Λίγο πιο πολύ όμως για τα παρακάτω.

Great taste awards 2017


Table 2:It's a pretty colour and with the history and the instructions, this is an experience, not just a herbal infusion. There is a buttery smoothness to the finish which is very pleasing. It has a slightly medicinal flavour which is what you would expect, so it should please if you want a whole leaf sage tea. We think it is what it says it is.

Pu & Pu

Table 2:You can see how carefully this has been handled by the fact that there are still petals on the marigolds. The colour is delicately green, reflecting the idea of the herbs and flowers being picked in fields in Greece. It is a nice herby drink, with the mint adding a hint of coolness that is welcome, and the marigold adding a pretty colour in the mix of ingredients. We feel this has been done with a lot of care, and the drink has a welcome freshness.

Thema Chronou

Table 2:This is a very attractive product, the dried flowers smelling like a summer meadow. The infusion is a soft green, pale and clear with a gentle hint of the flowers on the nose. The drink itself is complex and astringent. We think that for those with a sweet tooth, it might be worth trying this with a little teaspoon of wildflower honey. We admire the way that the lavender does not dominate the flavours. On the finish, the astringency disappears and you are left with a pleasant flowery aftertaste.

Great taste awards 2016


Table 2: Very attractive quality appearance, beautiful purple green whole leaves; crushing the leaves in your hand and tasting them produces an extremely bright, lively intense flavour. The infusion has great clarity. On the nose it has a heady, peppermint, joyful, fragrance, The infusion is outstanding - clean, crisp, pure, refreshing. Someone has obviously taken great pride in producing this and it is much appreciated.
Table 3: Good clear and bright liquid. A gentle fresh mint flavour. This leaves a pleasant mouth feel of freshness.
Table 1: A beautiful colour and a refreshing aroma. The infusion absolutely delivers on the description with a flavour that is clean, pungent, strong and fresh. It is well made and honest.


Table 3: The large leaves have a good lemony aroma. The infusion is a lemony colour bright with a fresh aroma. A fresh light drink with a natural taste.

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